The Compliance to the GMP beyond the Certification

One of the most relevant chapters of Reg. 1223/2009 is art. 8, according to which cosmetic products must be made according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). In a few lines of the law are described obligations with very important consequences: it represents a pillar of the regulatory frame, as the GMPs are the instrument with which the Responsible Person guarantees the compliance of every single batch of each cosmetic product placed on the market. Very often it is identified as an obligation "isolated" from the rest of the document structure, limiting it and exhausting it to the mere presence of a certification issued by a certifying body. In reality, the application of GMPs, especially in complex supply chains, represents both a challenge and a great opportunity. The Responsible Person guarantees compliance and traceability along the entire production chain, and the organization of production is an integral (and integrated) part of a complex mechanism, which requires great expertise to ensure compliance with the laws, but above all, consumer safety and business solidity.

The in-depth examination of the GMPs allows us to see that they represent a basic tool, which influences (and is influenced) the main organs of the company, and in particular must be integrated and aligned with the Cosmetic Product Safety Report, and therefore with the Product Information File. The GMPs are, in conclusion, a tool, and in the session all the GMP implementation methods and the links with the other chapters of the law will be examined.